Arjun contemplating

Transfiguration Date 14th Century
Maker Pandora
Species Vampire
Paramours Pandora
Status Alive


Arjun was born in India of noble origin. He is described as having beautiful, large liquid black eyes that accompanied a smooth enticing mouth. He had black hair with lustrous brown skin. 

Marius tries in vain to make Pandora leave her companion and fledgling, Arjun, and come back to him. Pandora's relationship with Arjun is of great concern to Marius, who fears Pandora is being held against her will. She outwardly denies this, refusing to leave Arjun and to stay with Marius. After Pandora's and Arjun's departure, Marius discovers a letter from Pandora left for him in which she admits her relationship with Arjun isn't as preferable to the relationship with him, despite her earlier outwardly denying she was being held against her will by Arjun. She sets a place and time where they can meet and leave together, but by the time Marius discovers her letter, the time has passed and it is too late.

In 1985 during the events of The Queen of the Damned, Pandora is among the thirteen vampires who survived Akasha's killing spree that gathered at Maharet's house in the Sonoma compound to battle against Akasha. Arjun is not among them. Pandora later admits to David Talbot that she could not bring herself to leave Arjun, citing that his stronger will propelled them both through time. His current fate is unknown.

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