Family Angels (Creation)
Humanity (Creation)
Occupation Creator

Species Supreme Being
Status Immortal

God, also called the Creator or the Lord, is the creator of the Earth and its creatures. He created the angels to ease His loneliness in the void.

Personality Edit

God is portrayed in Memnoch the Devil as a cold, indifferent, arrogant, sanctimonious and egocentric person.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Immortality: He is an eternal being.
  • Omniscience: His knowledge of Creation is unmatched.
  • Creation: God created the Earth, Heaven, the atom, and the angels from nothing.
  • Time Travel:
  • Teleportation: He can appear and disappear.
  • Resurrection: As Jesus, He rose from death.
  • Dimensional Travel: He can travel between Heaven and Earth at will.
  • Incarnation: God can take on mortal flesh and be reborn as a mortal as He did when He took on the form of Jesus.

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