Memnoch's form as a black granite angelic being
Birthdate (created by "the parents" around 10,000BC)
Family Amel (Spiritual/ Replimoid Relative)
Occupation King of Sheol (Assumed) Replimoid servant
Place of birth Bravenna

Species Spirit (Replimoid)
Paramours Unknown
Status Spirit
Cause of Death Died in the destruction of Atlantis
Killed By Accidental destruction

Memnoch, also called "Maxim" Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil, is a powerful spirit who masqueraded as the fallen archangel Lucifer of Judeo-Christian lore who was cast out of Heaven for leading the revolt of angels against God.

Memnoch makes his first and thus far only appearance in The Vampire Chronicles in Memnoch the Devil. He stalks Lestat de Lioncourt and offers the vampire a position as his right-hand man as a prince of Hell.

Upon his formal introduction to Lestat, he insists on being called "Memnoch the Devil", notifying that's how he signs his name and expresses his hate at being called Satan when Lestat uses that name to identify him.

Created by "The Parents" (a group of aliens from Bravenna) as Maxim, and sent to destroy the leader of Atlantis "Amel". Maxim decided to join with Amel to assist in the growth of mankind, but would later die along with Amel in the fall of Atlantis.


Early LifeEdit

Memnoch was one of God's greatest angels and claims to be the very first angel created by him. He was ranked as an archangel within the celestial hierarchy, possessing immense power, beauty, and wisdom. He was believed to be second in power and glory only to God, making him nigh-omnipotent. He held authority over many of Heaven's angels. The Bible states that he held command over one-third of Heaven's angelic host at the time, which consisted of millions of low-ranking angels. These angels are said to have stood with him during the revolt and were cast down with him after their defeat. The accuracy of the latter is debatable due to Memnoch being the only known angel to have ever rebelled against God.


After the creation of Earth and humanity which carried the development of human spirits, Memnoch watched as humanity suffered the hardships of life and death. He became impatient with God's constant reassurances that all was well, in spite of all of the suffering that humanity had both endured and caused. He vehemently criticized God's plan, accusing him of lacking vision and benevolence. To prove God wrong, Memnoch decides to collect evidence to confirm his belief that humanity is outside of nature. He creates a corporeal body of a human man to use as a vessel for his consciousness and descends to Earth to walk among humans. As part of his plan during his travels, he encounters a beautiful human woman and with her experiences sex for the first time. Angering God, when Memnoch returns to Heaven, he is then banished.


Unlike the Biblical depiction of the Devil, Memnoch is not necessarily malevolent. Rather, he is depicted as caring, passionate, wise, and concerned for the salvation of all humanity, in stark contrast to the familiar depictions of the Devil humans have been accustomed to.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Dominion of Sheol - Memnoch possesses the powers of a high-ranking angel. As the ruler of Sheol he holds absolute authority over the souls imprisoned there and may travel from Earth to Sheol easily. He may also draw recently departed human souls from Earth to Sheol.
  • Time Travel - With Lestat, he travels through time and space on Earth and from Heaven to Hell, taking various forms, depending where the location deems appropriate.
  • Human/Reliquary Visage - On Earth, Memnoch takes the form of the Ordinary Man, having no discernible traits as to not draw attention to himself. The other form he takes on Earth and in Hell is as a monstrous angelic being, made of black granite with black feathered wings and with the legs and hoofs of a goat, for God forbade Memnoch to take on his beautiful, true angelic form outside of Heaven after his insurrection.


  • Throughout history, Memnoch has been known by many names: Lucifer, Satan, Devil, Prince of Darkness, Lord of Flies, Prince of Lies, and Beelzebub.
  • Memnoch's literary name, Lucifer, is Latin for "Light Bringer" or "Morning Star", the latter of which is associated with the planet Venus.
  • Memnoch is identified as "Lord of Flies" or "God of Flies" due to flies being considered the lowest form of life, and Memnoch (along with those affiliated with him and those believed to be bound for Hell after death) being considered by many Christians to be the lowest kind of being.

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Anne Rice on the character "Memnoch"

Anne Rice on the character "Memnoch"