Kandyse McClure
Merrick Mayfair
Family Mayfair family
Julien Mayfair (Ancestor)
Great Nannane (godmother)
Cold Sandra (mother)
Honey in the Sunshine (sister)
Occupation Paranormal researcher, member of the Talamasca, Voodoo priestess.

Maker Louis de Pointe du Lac
Species Human (Witch)
Paramours Louis de Pointe du Lac
Status Undead

Merrick Mayfair was originally a witch until she was turned into a vampire.


She was tall, and had kept her dark-brown hair loose and long all her life, save for a leather barrette such as she wore now, which held only her forelocks behind her head to flow down her back. She wore gold hoops dangling from her small earlobes, and her soft white summer clothes had a gypsy flare to them, perhaps because of the red scarf tied around the waist of her full cotton skirt.

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