My adoption of this wiki was completed today and I figured I'd document some of the changes I'm making here for posterity, or maybe I just enjoy talking to myself.


March 4, 2016

The first thing I've done is enable article comments and message walls. This will make communication easier for contributors and visitors, and possibly help attract more people to the wiki.

I have also enabled achievements for contributors. This wiki needs active editors and while achievements shouldn't be the driving force behind contributions I do think they serve as additional incentive for new editors.

Lastly I have started poking around the theme designer to give this wiki a custom theme. I've changed the background from white to black and added a custom wordmark (the "The Vampire Chronicles Wiki" logo in the top left corner) so far, but I consider the overall theme a work in progress for now. 

March 4, 2016, again

I've looked over the categorization of character pages and made it more consistent.

  • Both "Vampire" and "Vampires" were used as categories, often on the same page. Replaced it with just "Vampires".
  • Replaced "Males" and "Females" with "Male Character" and "Female Character". Also categorized those previously lacking either category.
  • Added a lot of missing "Characters in [book]" categories to pages. Just working from what I could remember though so there are undoubtedly some missing still.

March 8, 2016

  • Did a bunch of housekeeping, deleted ~80 unused images, including lots of unsourced fanart.
  • Got started on a manual of style.
  • Created several missing category pages.

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